born in January 1989 and grew up in Izmir. She is a singer, violinist, performer and composer. Based in Cologne and Mannheim. Her style uniquely combines the melancholy of Anatolia, her Mediterranean roots, as well as psychedelic and eastern influences. Güldeste’s first encounter with music was by singing with her father. She grew up listening to psychedelic – progressive rock, classical music and Turkish folk music. She listened to Avishai Cohen and Jaga Jazzist on her headphones on repeat. She studied violin, solmisation and chamber music at the College of Music Detmold in Germany, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía Madrid in Spain and at the Conservatory İzmir in Turkey. 

Music brought Güldeste to visit India in 2014. In the legendary city of music, Varanasi, she spent several months learning Indian classical music rhythms and harmonies with Guru Sukhdev Prasad Mishra (Violin) and Keshvav Rao Nayak (Tabla). Thanks to the time spent in India she learnt not only about music but was introduced to their culture and philosophy too. The people she encountered on her travels in India, Israel and in southern European countries have strongly influenced her compositions to date. This results in her music having a special authenticity. Next to working on her own projects ‘Mahlukat’ and ‘Maha Pudma’  she composes music for contemporary dance and performative art.

Her signature sound for compositions could be described as a mix of minimal music, epic strings, deep bass, beats and dreamy vocals. Overall there  is a very cinematic feel to all of her music. She works closely with Kasia Kadłubowska, who is a vibraphonist, percussionist  and composer. Together they have released three albums. She still travels to India regularly and besides violin, she is learning some singing techniques from the Dhrupad singer ‘Pelva Naik’ , while she also continues to listen and study the Fusion Soul singer Nai Palm. At the same time, she continues to develop her production skills with her colleague and producer, Ivan Shopov. Her style is constantly transforming, depending on, or according to  the new musical influences and the emotional states she is in. Both : utopian and dystopian visions can be felt in her music. However, she likes to use music as a way of creating hopeful realities for the future and welcomes projects that deal with humanist, feminist and environmental topics. 

worked with Backsteinhaus Produktion, Neckarganga, Citizenkane Künstler Kollektive, Elfton Ensemble, junges NTM, Grete / David Pagan, Willy Praml, Martin Lejeune, Guido Preuss, Julie Pecard, Michelle Cheung, Nuran David Callis, Vivan & Ketan Bhatti, Tim Behren, Amelia Eisen, Franziska Schmitz, Peter Hinz, Dominik Fürstberger, Tobi Schmitt, Jan F. Kurth, Niko Seilbold and more.





MAHLUKAT – CINEMATIC ORIENTAL MUSIC Born in Izmir. Fell in love in Varanasi. Made in Germany. Hailing from two fundamentally different countries, Turkey & Poland, the fascinating duo Mahlukat managed to create unexpected but natural synergy between themselves, resulting in a mesmerizingly dreamy listening experience. Singer/violinist Güldeste Mamaç & percussionist Kasia Kadłubowska met each other in Stuttgart, Germany back in 2014 and have been creating beautiful cinematic/world music ever since, defying genre borders.


Vibraphone, synthesizer, vocals, bass and drums. Immerse yourself in hypnotizing, dreamy worlds of sound. A style of its own, “progressive synthpop”: MAHA PUDMA The İzmir-born singer / violinist, Güldeste Mamaç, the percussionist from Gdansk, Kasia Kadłubowska, the Mannheim-based drummer / producer Dominik Fürstberger and bassist Tobias Schmitt create their own crossover fusion world music compositions. Refined by polyrhythmic motifs, oriental melodies and pop harmonies, the music is interspersed with texts in Turkish and English. Maha Pudma’s music is its own language, a mosaic of many elements, a lively hybrid of musical styles and influences of all kinds. A modern mixture of melodies from the Orient, pop, rock and minimal music – ‘’ progressive synthpop ’-
MAHA PUDMA   –   Dreamy again.


Mit eigenen Texten und Musik stellen die Künstlerinnen Fragen nach privatem Raum, öffentlichen Rollen von Frauen und Mutterschaft. Eine Audiocollage zum gemeinsamen Hören in drei Teilen à ca. 15 Minuten. 

Künstlerinnen : 

Franziska Schmitz – Rebecca Madita Hundt – Güldeste Mamaç

‘Listening in Wild Places’ Ein Tanzproduktion von Amelia Eisen. “I come here to listen, to nestle in the curve of the roots in a soft hollow of pine needles, to lean my bones against the column of white pine, to turn off the voice in my head until I can hear the voices outside it: the shhh of wind in needles, water trickling over rock, nuthatch tapping, chipmunks digging, beechnut falling, mosquito in my ear, and something more– something that is not me, for which we have no language, the wordless being of others in which we are never alone. After the drumbeat of my mother’s heart, this was my first language. I could spend a whole day listening. And a whole night… Listening in wild places, we are audience to conversations in a language not our own.” — Exzerpt aus ‘Braiding Sweetgrass’ von Robin Wall Kimmerer-

‘Elevation’ is based on a poem from Charles Baudelaire and includes additional inspiration from the book, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It is a ceremony for nature where we dance for the regeneration of the world. The piece explores the dualities of destruction and creation, greed and generosity, despair and restoration- all which are prominent aspects of our human relationship to the natural world. The goal of the piece is to use dance as a tool to move people into more conscious states of gratitude, awareness and care, therefore contributing to life in better reciprocity with nature. ‘Elevation’ is made possible by Theater Felina-Areal.

I en I passant I is something that passes us, that happens – “by the way”. It stresses the ephemeral aspect of a moment and the way things can just happen without us noticing. The dance piece by Michelle Cheung and Julie Pecard with live music from duo Mahlukat, explores experiences that connect all four women: freeing themselves from the cocoon of their origins to be able to find a new home where they can be themselves independently: where they can find themselves “en passant” while dealing with the everyday aspects of their lives


  • 1. / 2. June 24 – Listening In Wild Places  @Im Alten Klärwerk, Mannheim
  • 27. April 2024 – Güldeste & Benjamin @LAB, Mannheim
  • 23. April 24 – Maha Pudma, @Galao, Stuttgart
  • 21. March 24 – Güldeste, TBA, Heidelberg
  • 9. / 11. Feb 24 – Güldeste & Simon by House of Crinoline, @Wagenhallen, Stuttgart
  • 9. Dec 23 – Güldeste feat. Benjamin @LAB, Mannheim
  • 14. Oct 23 – Mahlukat, @Arty Farty Galery, Köln
  • 28. Sep 23 – Mahlukat by Raketenradio in Concert @La casa del consumo, Stuttgart
  • 15. Sep 23 – Salon -Umgezogen with Citizen.Kane.Kollektiv Urbäng Festival @Orangerie, Köln
  • 19. Aug 23 – Maha Pudma plays Klangskulptur by Nevin Aladağ @Kunstmuseum, Baden Baden
  • 1. Aug 23 – Mahlukat & Ivan Shopov @Galao, Stuttgart
  • 29. JuLy 23 – Mahlukat & Ivan Shopov @Omm, Mannheim
  • 22. JuLy 23 – Für die Sache -Eine interdisziplinäre, partizipative Performance der Esser*innen @Agrikulturfestival, Freiburg
  • 22 & 25. JuNe – Künstler*innen Begegnung Bodensee, Improvisationskunst @Lichtenstein
  • 10. Dec 22 – Mahlukat feat. Ivan Shopov @Kulturtempel, Karlsruhe
  • 9. Dec 22 – Mahlukat feat. Ivan Shopov @E-werk, Freiburg
  • 7. Dec 22 – Mahlukat feat. Ivan Shopov @Galao, Stuttgart
  • 2. Dec 22 – Maha Pudma @Karlstorbahnhof, Heidelberg
  • 23. Nov 22 – Güldeste feat. Arno Krokenberger @tba, Mannheim
  • 19. Nov 22 – Omm ENSEMBLE @Orientalische Musikakademie, Mannheim
  • 3. & 4. & 5. Nov 22 – Happy Ending @tba, Hamburg
  • 14. Oct 22 – Maha Pudma @Forum, Mannheim
  • 14.-17. Sep 22 – Out and Around @Eintanzhaus, Mannheim
  • 22. JuLy 22 – Maha Pudma @Atelier Schlecker, Stuttgart
  • 16. JuLy 22 – Mahlukat & Ivan Shopov Release Concert @Alte Feuerwache, Mannheim
  • 23. JuNe 22 – Maha Pudma @Import Export, München
  • 8. JuNe 22 – Klangformator with Güldeste @E-Werk, Freiburg
  • 4. JuNe 22 – Mutter!sound and Mahlukat @Kolbhalle, Köln
  • 2. JuNe 22 – Mutter!sound Audio Installation @Kolbhalle, Köln
  • 27.-28.-29. Mai 22 – LIWP @Im Alten Klärwerk, Mannheim
  • 26. May 22 – Premiere, Listening In Wild Places  @Im Alten Klärwerk, Mannheim
  • 15. May 22 – Mahlukat @Cafe Soleil, Köln
  • 29. April 22 – Mahlukat @Kukab, Basel
  • 28. April 22 – Niko Seibold Large Ensemble feat. Yumi Ito @Jazzcampus, Basel (CH)
  • 8. & 9. April 22 – Happy ending with Backsteinhaus Produktion @Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart
  • 1. & 2. April 22 – Happy ending with Backsteinhaus Produktion @Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart
  • 31. März 22 – Happy ending with Backsteinhaus Produktion @Wilhelma Theater, Stuttgart