Mit eigenen Texten und Musik stellen die Künstlerinnen Fragen nach privatem Raum, öffentlichen Rollen von Frauen und Mutterschaft.
Eine Audiocollage zum gemeinsamen Hören in drei Teilen à ca. 15 Minuten.
Künstlerinnen :
Franziska Schmitz
Rebecca Madita Hundt
Güldeste Mamaç

I en I passant I is something that passes us, that happens – “by the way”. It stresses the ephemeral aspect of a moment and the way things can just happen without us noticing. The dance piece by Michelle Cheung and Julie Pecard with live music from duo Mahlukat, explores experiences that connect all four women: freeing themselves from the cocoon of their origins to be able to find a new home where they can be themselves independently: where they can find themselves “en passant” while dealing with the everyday aspects of their lives.

‘Elevation’ is based on a poem from Charles Baudelaire and includes additional inspiration from the book, Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. It is a ceremony for nature where we dance for the regeneration of the world. The piece explores the dualities of destruction and creation, greed and generosity, despair and restoration- all which are prominent aspects of our human relationship to the natural world. The goal of the piece is to use dance as a tool to move people into more conscious states of gratitude, awareness and care, therefore contributing to life in better reciprocity with nature. ‘Elevation’ is made possible by Theater Felina-Areal.