born in January 1989, grew up in İzmir. She studied at the College of Music Detmold in Germany, Escuela Superior de Música Reina Sofía Madrid in Spain and at the Conservatory İzmir in Turkey. Violin with Prof. Lukas David, Doz. Arif Manaflı. Chamber Music (String Quartet) with Aurin Quartet, Prof. Eckard Fisher, Alban Berg Quartet’s violinist Günter Pichler and Prof. Xenia Jankovic. Solmisation, with Doz. Aysim Dolgun. 

In 2014 the music led the artist to India. In the legendary music city Varanasi of India, she spent several months learning Indian classical music rhythms and harmony with the Guru’s Sukhdev Prasad Mishra-Violin/Vocal and Keshvav Rao Nayak-Tabla. She experienced Indian’s music, culture and philosophy of life. 

Her travels to India, Israel, China and the southern European countries, her Mediterranean roots, melancholy melodies from Anatolia she sang as a child with her family, the cultural and human encounters in different countries, have great influence on her compositions. This results in her music a special authenticity. 

Güldeste lives since 2014 in Stuttgart and Mannheim, works with many musicians, artists and directors like Grete Pagan, David Pagan, Nuran David Callis, Dominik Fürstberger, Tobias Schmitt, Peter Hinz, Willy Praml, Martin Lejeune in music and theater productions as a musician and composer. She recorded her Debut Album in 2018 with the percussionist Kasia Kadlubowska.

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